When snow falls in New York City, Central Park is transformed into a beautiful winter wonderland. Locals and tourists alike enjoy gathering for some sledding down Pilgrim Hill or a spirited snowball fight in Sheep Meadow. 

     Wildlife lovers are especially excited in January when the yetis arrive. 

      Yetis usually migrate from the northernmost parts of Connecticut to the park when old man winter comes around. Yeti watchers believe they do this to take advantage of the icy waters of the resevior and the shorter lines at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  



A Yeti Footprint?


     Yetis are elusive creatures, preferring to live in the more secluded sections of the park, but there have been rumored sightings of packs of Yetis at the famed Delecourt Theater, where it is said they stage productions of famous plays. While many in yeti watching community consider this to be a myth, a few claim to have seen these plays; one veteran yeti watcher swears the 1993 all-yeti production of Our Town should have been nominated for a Tony Award.

Park visitors are advised not to feed the yetis but if they do, yetis prefer Au Bon Pain pastries over Starbucks.


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