The 36 bridges in Central Park come in many shapes and sizes. Some are made of brick and stone, others made from cast iron, and many of them are home to trolls. Though most New Yorkers believe trolls are mythical beings only seen in literature and Peter Jackson films, trolls are 100% real and living under the bridges of Central Park.

     Trolls moved into the park upon completion of construction in the late 1850’s. In exchange for living rent free in the park, the trolls promised the city they would help keep the bridges tidy and to refrain from eating children except on major holidays.  

     For over the past 150 years humans and trolls have peacefully shared the park. Trolls live according to their own customs and laws as their ancestors have for centuries, although the modern generations of trolls have begun to integrate into human society – many becoming sports agents, record producers,  and film executives.   

     If you encounter trolls while crossing under a bridge in Central Park, compliment them on the fine bridge they live under and be on your way, but never give them your e-mail address. Trolls have a reputation for causing all kinds of mischief on internet message boards and will most likely bombard your inbox with unwanted male enhancement advertising.


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