It Happened Here!

Welcome to It Happened Here! a brand new feature at Central Park: A Misguide.  It Happened Here! will showcase the many places where the most fascinating events in Central Park history have occurred.

Let’s start with this bench. Just a typical bench you see everywhere in Central Park, right?


It was on this bench in 1985 that an unidentified man became the first person in Central Park history to have a loud, uncomfortable, and very public argument on a cell phone.

The tranquility of the Central Park Mall on a warm spring afternoon was shattered when a man in a business suit sat down on a bench in the shadow of the statue of William Shakespeare and delivered a soliloquy of his own; only he was speaking loudly into a Motorola  Dynatac 8000x, one of the first cellular telephones sold to the public. Though considered high tech at the time, the Motorola Dynatac series of phones had the same size and sound quality of the average shoebox.

The man quarreled over the phone with a person witnesses deduced was a woman named Diane, since he said that name many times during the heated exchange.  Witnesses also claimed he uttered the phrase “That’s not what I said” repeatedly and discussed in graphic detail Diane’s inability to satisfy him sexually. 

The man abruptly ended the conversation and exited the park, leaving stunned onlookers to wonder why anyone would act in such a rude and obnoxious matter, and what was it that Diane’s mother said that got the man so enraged in the first place.

It happened here!


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