Alexander Hamilton – Total Badass

A few hundred feet from the reservoir is the statue of one of the most famous New Yorkers in history: Alexander Hamilton. Hamilton’s list of accomplishments is extraordinary: Author, Congressman, Constitutional Lawyer, but behind the façade of an intelligent statesman was a stone cold badass who could not be tamed.

Here are some little known facts about Alexander Hamilton:

Born in the British West Indies, where he was known by the locals as “The Devil’s Child”

First student at Columbia University to drink ale from a funnel.

Once punched out a carriage horse he claimed “looked at him in a peculiar manner.”

As a soldier during the revolutionary war, Hamilton was asked to take a few weeks off by his commanding officer George Washington because he was killing too many British guys.

The first personal injury attorney in Manhattan, Hamilton always promised huge cash settlements if you were ever injured in an accident, slip and fall, or through negligence of your employer.  

Slept on a bed of nails his entire life. His office furniture was made of fire.  

Ate a live chicken on a dare from Congressional superintendant of finance Robert Morris.

At the infamous duel with Aaron Burr, Hamilton commanded his nemesis to shoot him through the heart, believing he could stop the bullet with his mind. He didn’t.


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