Giuseppe Mazzini – The First Guido


Just a stone’s throw from Tavern on the Green is the bust of Giuseppe Mazzini – one of the greatest men ever to trod Italian soil. An activist and journalist, his actions almost singlehandedly led to the unification of Italy in 1861.

But according some new discoveries recently brought to light, Giuseppe Mazinni was not only a political reformer.  He is considered by many historians to be the first guido ever.  

Newly uncovered documents from a never completed biography describe Mazzini as man whose skin was “the color of the finest Italian mahogany due to days spent in the sun. “ He always dressed in suits made of velour and had a tremendous affinity for gold and silver necklaces and rings. When he talked, he gestured with his hands and was known to pick fights with those who he believed had “disrespected him.”

Mazzini’s family also shared his penchant for non traditional Italian dress and behavior. His wife Marie often wore clothes made from the skins of exotic African animals, usually in a style that was inappropriate for a woman of her age.  Daughters Tina and Danielle raised many an eyebrow for their obnoxious behavior at family functions and public events and their tremendous sense of entitlement and self importance.  

While their bold lifestyle shocked many members of Italian society at the time, The Mazzinis inspired subsequent generations of Italians to show their heritage as proudly as their toned abs.

Today Italian men and women make pilgrimages to the bronze bust of Giuseppe Mazzini, the father of modern guidoism. Many leave small tributes like Armani Exchange t- shirts and empty cans of AXE body spray.


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