Tree Benches

     One of the most fascinating natural wonders in Central park is the famous Tree Benches:  Living trees that have grown into the shapes of comfortable benches!

     Are they topiary? Arbor sculpture?  No one knows for sure. The park gardeners discovered these magnificent trees decades ago when they were just small chairs and have let them grow to the full size benches we have today.  

     The origin of these amazing trees is as mysterious as the trees themselves.  Members of the scientific community believe the trees are the result of a bizarre cross pollination experiment involving plant DNA and quality Shaker furniture. Environmentalists believe the trees are an abomination and proof that man is tampering with the powerful forces of nature itself. 

     Whether you believe it’s a freaky science experiment or a horrifying crime against mother earth, we urge you to seek out these fascinating tree benches and judge for yourself.  But please, refrain from carving your initials into these benches.  Save that crap for the subway.


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