Robert Burns – The Original Emo

One of the most beautiful statues along Literary Walk is the bronze sculpture of Robert Burns (1759-1796).  Considered by many to be the national poet of Scotland, Burns’ prose ushered in the romantic movement of writing, art and music to his homeland. 

While Burns often wrote of the struggles of the common man in the uncommon land of Scotland, recent evidence show Burns published work never plunged the depths of his deep personal sorrow.

Scholars believe Robert Burns was the very first emo.

Several unpublished poems and manuscripts discovered at the Dumfries farm where he lived for several years reveal Burns was a melancholy man of immense sadness even for a man living in Scotland.

Among the never before seen poems were works entitled Miserable and Wet: My Life in Scotland, If You Were Me You’d Be Sad By Now,  Great. More Rain, and Why Don’t You Care That I’m Sad?

Also discovered was an early draft of his popular song Auld Lang Syne with the original working title Another Year of Shite.

Six years after his death, the sculpture of Robert Burns was unveiled in Central Park. Friends of Burns believed the statue captured Burns during a happy period in his life: a Tuesday afternoon in 1791.  


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