Intergalactic Portal E4-7 (aka The Glen Span Arch)


     Nestled in the Ravine just up the path from The Pool is the beautiful Glen Span Arch. This magnificent stone structure features a rippling stream running through it and an intergalactic passageway to the Andromeda Galaxy and beyond.

      Designed by Calvert Vaux and Jacob Wrey Mould and constructed by the Galactic Corps of Engineers Local 3, the portal has welcomed sightseers and commuters from the furthest reaches of the universe shortly after its completion in 1865.

     President Andrew Johnson was on hand April 7 1866 to greet a delegation from the Andromeda galaxy as they stepped through the portal. Things were awkward at first between the earthlings and the alien visitors, but everyone had a good laugh when the representative from the planet Meeb ate a member of Jackson’s security detail.   

     Space Travelers can access the Intergalactic Portal during regular park hours provided they have the Star Key of Orion and a valid picture I.D. Visitors to Alpha Centari are reminded to read the new rules for carry-on luggage enacted by High Lord Zolton when he seized the throne of Glorthos in May of 2011.      


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