Fiorello La Guardia’s Wicked Awesome Fort


      High atop a rocky hill overlooking the Dene and the East Green is a freaking cool fort designed and built by Fiorello La Guardia, Mayor of New York City from 1934-1945.

     Mayor La Guardia and his pals began construction of the fort out of scrap logs, tree limbs,  and scrounged building materials a short time after he began his first term in office.  He told the press the fort would serve as his respite from the cutthroat world of city politics, and “a place where he and his friends could totally do neat stuff. “

     Dubbed “Fort Kickass” by parks commissioner Robert Moses, La Guardia furnished his wooden Shangri la with a bench seat from a 1930 Pontiac, a pair of discarded kitchen chairs from his neighbor Mrs. Rossini, and an old packing crate they converted to a desk where they could hold meetings for their super secret club, the Flaming Skulls.

      La Guardia’s plans to complete the sweet fort and appoint a treasurer for The Flaming Skulls were cut short when Mrs. La Guardia called him in for dinner.

     When La Guardia left office in 1945, Fort Kickass was taken over by the New York City Chamber Of Commerce who used it as a place to drink beer and smoke.


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