Autumn In Central Park

Autumn in Central Park is a breathtaking spectacle as the trees burst forth a Technicolor yawn of brilliant red, yellow, and orange leaves. It honestly is the loveliest time of year to stroll through the park. And it wouldn’t be possible without all the hard working men and women of Central Park Foliage Brigade.

In late October/early November the Central Park Foliage Brigade (CPFB) are hard at work every night after the park closes hand painting every tree and bush a beautiful fall color. These colors have been painstakingly mixed by CPFB arboreal colorists to ensure a perfect and natural looking hue on every single leaf.

While the painters are busy turning each tree into a living work of art, teams of CPFB leaf placers are scattering tons of pre styled leaves in carefully plotted patterns on the lawns, nature paths, and walkways. These leaves have been oven baked by skilled CPFB artisan leaf bakers so they will rustle properly and have that distinctive New York style “crunch” sound when you step on them.

Randomly scattered leaves. Or are they?

The annual process of changing the park into its fall colors takes thousands of CPFB man hours and is believed to cost in the hundreds of millions of dollars. But if you have ever been to Central Park in the fall, you know it’s worth every penny the citizens pay through thier ever escalating taxes!

Nice work CPFB! Oops, you missed a spot.


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