It Happened Here! – Sheep Meadow

It was a hot July morning in 1971 when Jeremy Feld gathered a group of his friends at a corner of Sheep Meadon to introduce them to an exciting new sport:  Ultimate Frisbee!

Feld’s companions, who were lured to the park on the promise of beer and girl watching, were skeptical about this “sport” their friend has not stopped talking about since taking it up in college, but were willing to give it a try as long as beer was provided some time during the day.

After dividing everyone into teams and explaining the rules, Feld blew the whistle and the game began. A time out was called five minutes later so the rules could be explained a second time.  Game play was interrupted several more times by park goers asking them what game they were playing, which turned into a lengthy discussion by the players as to whether Ultimate Frisbee should be referred to as a game or a sport.

Things devolved quickly when both teams, upon learning Feld had no intention of purchasing beer,  ditched Ultimate Frisbee for a game of Keep Away with the whistle he had been blowing all day.

A dejected Feld took his Frisbee and went home, anxiously looking forward to being reunited with his Ultimate Frisbee team at the start of the new semester.

His whistle was never returned.

It Happened Here!


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