The Obelisk

Located across east drive from the Metropolitan Museum of art is the oldest manmade object in Central Park – The Obelisk.  Carved on all four sides with hieroglyphics, this tall, stiff, stone shaft is quite a sight to behold, if you’re into that sort of thing I guess.

At 70 feet high, this rigid monstrosity easily towers over the other monuments, but that doesn’t mean it’s any better than any anything else in the park.  In fact, most park goers would probably say the Obelisk is too darn big, and would be quite happy with something more average in size.

The Obelisk was built in 461 BC in Egypt to honor Pharaoh Tutmosis III who was obviously self conscious about something.  In fact, they built two of them! Good lord! Over compensate much there, Pharaoh?

So stop on by the beautiful bench lined plaza where the Obelisk is located and gaze at this giant freakish thing all day long if you like. Bigger isn’t always better you know!


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