It Happened Here! – The Ladies Pavillion

October 11, 2008.

While strolling hand in hand along the shore of The Lake, park enthusiast Erica Morran led Charles Burch to her favorite place on the Hernshead peninsula: The Ladies Pavillion.

As she explained the history of this beautiful cast iron structure to her longtime boyfriend, Burch interrupted Morran with the comment “How can this be the ladies pavilion? I don’t see a kitchen or an ironing board!

Police divers dragged Burch’s body from The Lake three days later.  Despite her claims of innocence, the jury refused to believe Morran’s story that Burch beat himself severely about the face and head with bench leg, loaded his pants with rocks and stuffed himself in a submerged log just below the water’s surface while she was checking messages on her iPhone.

It Happened Here!


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