The Singing Rocks

Have you ever strolled along one of the beautiful wooded pathways in Central Park on a quiet morning, paused for a moment and thought you heard glorious singing coming from some unknown place?

Relax. You weren’t hearing things. Chances are that mysterious tune was coming from one of the singing rocks!

A singing rock!

Singing rocks have been providing the park with wonderful ambient music as far back as anyone can remember. Veteran park goers fondly recall days spent sitting on a bench near the Dene listening to a nearby boulder softly crooning the selected works of Cole Porter.

While not all rocks can sing, music enthusiasts have searched the park high and low for decades looking for the ones that can. What they have found is a near infinite playlist of the world’s most beloved songs performed by these magical outcroppings of jagged Manhattan Schist.

This 300 million year old formation prepares to sing a haunting rendition of Roy Orbison's Blue Bayou.

So the next time you visit Central Park, be sure to listen carefully. Maybe you’ll hear a singing rock belting out one of your favorite tunes!

Singing rocks don’t take requests and will hum if they don’t know all the lyrics.


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