The Creature of Bank Rock Bay

At the northern most tip of The Lake is Bank Rock Bay, an inlet separated from the rest of the Lake by Bank Rock Bridge.  At the turn of the 20th century this tree lined cove served as a semi private spot for fishing in the summer, ice skating in the winter, and for a time was home to the Creature of Bank Rock Bay.

While no physical evidence of a mysterious water monster was ever discovered, regular park goers at the time knew of the stories about a mysterious creature swimming in the bay during the early morning hours and sitting quietly on the shore reading discarded newspapers and painting landscapes in the afternoon.

Witnesses described the creature as tall and covered with a combination of scales and fur, with a body similar in thickness to then President William H. Taft. One eyewitness claimed the creature “spoke with a mixture of grunts and growls, and gestured wildly with each noise, like those Italians who are ruining my neighborhood.”

Sightings of the strange creature became fewer and fewer after 1917. Some believe it moved upstate to live in the cooler climates and reasonably priced resorts of the Catskill Mountains, but a rumor persists that the Creature of Bank Rock Bay was drafted into the Army to fight in World War 1, where it distinguished itself in combat by single handedly taking out a German machine gun fortification at the battle of Saint-Mihiel in North Eastern France and received a Citation for Bravery from General John Joseph “Black Jack” Pershing himself.

Others said it died.


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