Christopher Columbus

At the entrance to The Mall a few steps south of Literary Walk is an impressive bronze statue of legendary explorer Christopher Columbus.

Columbus as we all know lead the voyage of the Nina, The Pinta, and the Santa Maria across the Atlantic Ocean in search of a new trade route to Asia and discovered the Americas instead. Columbus became a famous and celebrated man for showing the way to “the new world.”

What few people know is this legendary explorer made many other fascinating discoveries before and after his historic voyage in 1492.

Here is a list of some other things discovered by Christopher Columbus:

– While as a young boy working at his Father’s cheese stand Columbus discovered Gorgonzola cheese, when left out in the sun too long, can be used as an inexpensive alternative to boat caulking.

– When Columbus worked for a cartographer as a young adult, he discovered no one noticed when he added made up names of countries, mountain ranges, and bodies of water to the maps he was assigned to copy.

– In 1471, Columbus discovered a small café in Genoa that made the best pistachio gelato he ever tasted.

– On a voyage to Portugal to drum up support for his proposed voyage to the West Indies, Columbus discovered no one, not even sailors, likes a good sea shanty.

– In 1490, Columbus discovered Queen Isabella gets a little handsy after she’s had too much wine.

– After returning to Italy in 1504 from another historic trip to the Americas, Columbus discovered he left the keys to his villa in his other coat. In Cuba.


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