Bow Bridge

     One of the most visited places in Central Park is the magnificent Bow Bridge. This 87 foot long cast iron structure has attracted tourists and locals alike who love to take in the beautiful view of The Lake and the surrounding shoreline.

Bow Bridge is one of the most filmed locations in the Park, providing a gorgeous setting for movies like Night at the Museum, Manhattan, and Great Expectations.

Anyone wishing to film on Bow Bridge must contact the bridge’s management team at William Morris Agency. Bow Bridge must have director and script approval, a percentage of the domestic box office gross, and all merchandise royalties.

Tourists who would like to be photographed on the bridge must pick up a Bow Bridge Photography Permit from one of the many Central Park Visitors Center. Permits are handed out based upon availability and the overall attractiveness of the people  to be photographed.

Visitors looking for a romantic spot can’t go wrong with Bow Bridge. In fact, dozens of marriage proposals occur there on a yearly basis.

Those wishing to propose to their special someone are required to apply for a permit six months in advance through the Central Park Conservancy’s Social Department. Applicants must submit bank statements and an up to date credit report, along with a detailed list of personal and professional references. The marriage proposal must also be submitted in writing and will be reviewed and edited if necessary.


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