Turtle Pond

At the base of Vista Rock bordering the southern edge of The Great Lawn is one of the most scenic spots in Central Park – The Turtle Pond. This man made body of water underwent a massive face-lift in the late 1990’s and is home to many types of aquatic plants, colorful flowers, and of course turtles.

There is a wide variety of turtle species in the Turtle Pond; many of which were brought there by New York pet owners who could no longer care for them in their homes. The most common species is the Red-Eared Slider, identified by the red patches around the ears. Nature lovers and sharp eyed wildlife enthusiasts have observed some extremely rare species swimming in the water and catching some sun on the rocks.

They are:

Painted Turtle – Easily identified by its oval shell, yellow belly, and colorful tattoos on its arms and legs.

Boston Snapper – This nasty turtle turns a bright red at any mention of the New York Yankees.

Spotted Hipster – With a green shell covered with small yellow dots, this conceited reptile hung out at the Turtle Pond before it was cool.

Chocolate Turtle – Easily distinguished by its all around deliciousness.

The Nickelback – A dark shelled turtle known for it’s horrible taste in rock bands.

The Japanese Fire Turtle – Ever see Gamera? Yeah, it’s just like that.

Jersey Guidette – An orange skinned turtle often spotted sunning itself on the shore of the pond and is known for it’s loud shrieking and incredible sense of self importance.

Electric Slider – This odd looking turtle performs an elaborate and repetitive dance in a attempt to attract a mate. It is very close to extinction.

The Bento Box Turtle – Originally from Japan. Cute to look at, great with soy sauce.

The Mock Turtle – Will heap ridicule and scorn upon you until you leave the park in tears.


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