It Happened Here! – Rustic Stone Arch

May 12, 1961.

While exploring Central Park with his wife Janine, budding restaurateur Archibald Houlihan came upon the beautiful Rustic Stone Arch at the base of The Ramble.

While studying the powerful stone entryway standing strong and tall between two huge boulders, Houlihan had an epiphany: the arch would make a perfect logo for Archie’s, the new hamburger restaurant he was about to open!

“The Archie Arch will be our calling card,” Houlihan told his wife. “People will come from miles around to enjoy quality food at reasonable prices!”

A few months later Richard and Maurice McDonald stole Houlihan’s arch idea and used it for their restaurant’s logo. Within a few years McDonald’s twin arches were on every street corner, and Archie’s Burgers was forced to close.

Houlihan wound up penniless and destitite, hating the McDonald’s franchise with a burning passion that he would take to his grave. On his deathbed he cursed the world famous restaurant chain for stealing his logo, and the McDLT, which was also his idea.

It happened here! 


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