The Pond


Just across the street from the world famous Plaza Hotel and the hustle and bustle of 59th street is a veritable oasis in the heart of Manhattan – The Pond.

This gorgeous body of water is home to the picturesque Gapstow Bridge and is the perfect spot for any harried New Yorker looking for  a quiet place to enjoy a quick lunch.

Here are some interesting facts and bits of trivia about The Pond:

Widely believed to be a naturally formed body of water, The Pond was actually constructed in England by talented pond artisans, then disassembled and shipped to America for reassembly in 1855. Due to a misprint on the shipping manifest, several thousand tons of rock wound up in a garden apartment in Brooklyn.

The Pond is home to the Hallut Nature Sanctuary, where many small animals live in a natural safe environment. Any small animals wishing to live in the sanctuary must submit an application (complete with references) with the Hallut Nature Sanctuary Homeowners association.

When Mayor Michael Bloomberg banned the sale of large sized soft drinks in 2012 in an effort to get New York residents to live healthier, The Pond was drained of Mountain Dew and refilled with plain spring water.

The Pond is a very popular rest stop  for migrating ducks and other assorted waterfowl.

Except cranes.

Apparently The Pond isn’t up to their particular standards. Arrogant, long necked, little bastards.

In the wee hours of the morning on July 5 1874,  an inebriated President Ulysses S. Grant was found swimming in The Pond by his Secret Service detail. As he was pulled from the water, an enraged Grant cursed his bodyguards for interrupting his attempt to cross the English Channel.

One time at The Pond I saw this guy making out with his girl on a bench. I mean they were really going at it. Everyone there was like “dude, get a room,” but they didn’t care at all. Totally messed up.



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