More Ghosts of Central Park


Is Central Park haunted?

Veteran park workers and regular visitors have heard stories of strange apparitions and frightening spirits roaming the pathways of Central Park, but are they true?

Probably not. But you never know. Central Park is a strange and magic place..

Here are more spooky tales of unexplained events that have happened in Central Park:

1947 – While strolling past Sheep Meadow, West Side resident Hannah Chilton witnessed two glowing apparitions playing a game of croquet on the deserted croquet courts. Miss Chilton watched in stunned silence as they played but she eventually grew bored and left when the spirits got into a long and boring argument over the placement of a ghost ball that had been hit out of bounds.

1960 – While approaching Miner’s Gate in the early morning hours of November 11, pipe fitter Lou Cirillo saw what he believed to be a ghostly handsome cab cross Fifth Avenue and enter Central Park. The floating transparent cab picked up a group of tourists just inside the park and charged them an exorbitant amount of money for a ride around the reservoir.

1997 – During a Garth Brooks Summerstage performance on the Great Lawn, the ghost of Ludwig Van Beethoven appeared before a handful of concertgoers. Beethoven’s ghost listened to the first chorus of Brooks’ hit tune Friends In Low Places, then shook his head sadly and vanished.

2003 – Several tourists reported seeing a giant swirling interdimensional portal appear at the southwest corner of The Mall.  The portal uprooted several small trees and sucked a trash can and a bench into it’s maw when it was dispersed by a Park Ranger for not having a permit to appear at the park on that day.

2011 – Six year old Danny Smith claims a swing at the Heckscher Playground began moving all by itself. Turns out it was just the wind blowing the swing back and forth. Dumb kid.

Happy Halloween from Central Park: A Misguide!


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