It Happened Here! – The East Green




April 3, 1954.

While walking through past the East Green on his way to a rehearsal of his upcoming show The Pajama Game, famed theater impresario Jerome Robbins was set upon by a young, well coiffed gang of toughs who performed an elaborately song and dance number before stealing the producer/director/choreographer’s briefcase and wallet.

Impressed by the gang’s crisp choreography and flawless vocals, Robbins began crafting a show based on the typical New York City street gang he encountered that day, and three years later the West Side Story premiered at the Winter Garden Theatre and became an instant Broadway classic.   

It happened here!


The Passive Aggressive Patch



Looking for something fun to do?

Of course you are. You’re all about having fun no matter what the cost.

Then how about heading over to the southern tip of the East Green, where the most beautiful patch of white daffodils in Central Park awaits you. Tourists and native New Yorkers flock to this area every summer to gaze upon this beautiful sea of flowers –  but hey, why do I have to tell you? This is probably something you already know since you know everything.

Think of how wonderful it would be to come to the park on a day when you’re not so busy with that low paying job you should have left years ago and relaxing on a bench with a friend you haven’t seen for the longest time because you never check your text messages. Oh that’s right, you can’t text at your job even though everyone does but you have to follow the rules of the office even though it hasn’t gotten you a promotion.

So whenever you get the chance be sure to see the beautiful white daffodils on the East Green. No rush of course. Come by when your busy schedule clears up.

And if you can’t make it this summer, don’t worry about it. They’re just flowers. They’ll just die and grow back next year.

No thanks to you.